A mixture of oils for the winter

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Winter is here and with it many times come  Winter illnesses.

That's why we decided to introduce you  Common essential oils that you can use to prevent and treat  In winter diseases, strengthen the immune system and keep a warm and protected winter.

List of effective oils for treating winter illnesses  

Ravinsera essential oil: Antiviral oil, excellent for treating flu, lowering fever.

Orange Essential Oil: Excellent for bronchitis thanks to its warming quality.

Melissa essential oil: Helps cool down especially heat that is accompanied by restlessness and distress.

Marjoram essential oil: Excellent for relieving pain, muscle aches, headaches, migraines.

Lemon essential oil: strong antiseptic (disinfectant), antibacterial.

Essential oil lasts until: Good oil for headaches, good for treating sinuses, anti-inflammatory, helps with the rate and relieves asthma.

Ginger essential oil: Very good for heat treatment due to its warming property it helps the body to produce heat and encourages sweating, it has strong antiviral properties.

Frankincense essential oil: has a calming effect on the mucous membranes and therefore can relieve coughs, bronchitis and sore throats.

Clove essential oil: an excellent disinfectant.

Cinnamon Essential Oil: Disinfectant. Cinnamon will help the body deal with flu and colds.

Roman Chamomile: Will help produce white blood cells (they are part of our immune system).

Thymus essential oil: fights infections and strengthens the immune system by stimulating the production of white blood cells.















How to use essential oils

* The oils mentioned above  Not suitable for children under the age of 7

* Do not use essential oils directly on the body but only base oil, water, alcohol.

How to use all oils 2.5% on all base oils, water, etc.

For example:

On each spoon (10 ml) put 5 drops.

On every 2 tablespoons (20 ml) women 10 drops.

For every 3 tablespoons (30 ml) women 5 drops.

* You can use each oil separately but it is best to make a mixture of essential oils as in this way you cover a wide range of diseases.

There is a wide variety of ways in using essential oils

Spray for room:

This is a great option to use, especially for enclosed spaces during the winter.

Small offices where the windows are closed or classrooms in the school where the number of people is large

Relatively and the space is small.

Fill the spray bottle with distilled water and add essential oils.

I like to use lemon and clove spray due to the strong property of both in disinfection.

Bath and compresses:

*   Prepare 2 tablespoons of base oil in advance (almond oil, olive oil, oil

Grape seeds and the like ..)

And add 10 drops of your oil mixture, mix the mixture well and only then

Put it in the tub.

Bath is a particularly pampering way to treat with the help of essential oils.

Fill a hot bath and prepare in advance 2 tablespoons of base oil (almond oil, olive oil, oil

Grape seeds and the like ..)

And add 10 drops of your oil mixture, mix the mixture well and only then

Put it in the tub.

Foot bath:

Find a suitable bucket, fill it with hot water and add the desired mixture.


Indicate topical treatment with cotton or gauze cloth.

Cold compress:  Cold compresses use frozen water with ice cubes added

Up to 6 drops of essential oil.

Cold compress is recommended for hot or inflamed areas such as swollen knees,

Inflammatory muscle or strong headache.

We will use a cold compress for up to 3 rounds.

Hot compress:  We will use a hot compress when we want to calm an area, open it

The pores and effectively infuse the oils into the tissue.

Heat a pot with hot water and add up to 6 drops of essential oil. We will put in the cotton cloth

When the water is not burning, squeeze and place on the desired area.


A great way to treat cough, sinusitis and colds.

Heat a pot with hot water add between 4-6 drops of essential oil, cover the head with a towel

And approached the pot. Make a kind of tent over your head and inhale the steam inside for a few minutes.

Body massage:  

Body massage is a pleasant and relaxing way to treat with essential oils.

Choose a base oil that is not too heavy (almond oil or grape seed) and add the mixture  

Your essential oils according to the above formula, mix the bottle well and start massaging.

* It is recommended to try each essential oil separately in a small area of the body (in a base oil) to make sure there is no allergic reaction.

* These recommendations are not intended to replace the recommendations of a qualified physician and / or to replace conventional medical treatment.

* Use of essential oils is external only.

Regards and love,

The Kimaya team.

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