Sage burning, why is it good?

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Sage burning  

Sage burning is an ancient ritual that is still used today when you want to purify new objects or when moving to a new apartment and also when you just feel the need.

And why sage? Is this an old myth that we are just preserving or is there indeed something in the burning process?  

The sage plant is rich in essential oils ( Read more about essential oils)  

And when you burn the sage, they are released into the air.

The essential oils found in sage have antiseptic, anti-infective, antibacterial, antiviral, anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal properties!

Thus the plant becomes a purifier and cleanser.

One study conducted in 2007 found that burning sage for an hour lowered the level of aerial bacteria by 94%. These effects were maintained until 24 hours later.

A 2014 study documented that white sage can relieve symptoms of anxiety, depression and mood disorders.

Another study at the University of Mississippi found that white sage is rich in compounds that activate brain receptors that raise mood and lower stress.

Without a doubt this is an effective medicinal plant and not just our ancestors burned the sage in ceremonies, moving house and even getting new furniture.

We encourage you to just give it a try and see what happens.

In most health food stores, sage is sold as a stick that can be lit and passed from time to time in the house and especially in the corners of the house where the accumulation of bacteria has increased. In addition to combine with the burning of the sage an intention of purification, rejuvenation and thanksgiving.

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