Rosemary - not just a spice

Not just on a plate

Rosemary - not just a spice plant

So wonderful to walk and meet in rosemary, and usually do not have to travel far for it. The rosemary plant lives right around us, if we look closely we will find it in playgrounds, in the garden under our house, on the way to work and wherever possible. Most of us know it as a spice plant and use it in the kitchen. But rosemary is not only a wonderful spice plant, but it is also an excellent medicinal plant that has been used for thousands of years.

Even in ancient times, rosemary was a large part of herbal medicine, and recently modern science has confirmed what our ancestors already knew.  Rosemary is a valuable plant for man.

Rosemary leaves could be found in the tombs of pharaohs in ancient Egypt, due to the ancient belief and tradition that a person buried with rosemary will never be forgotten. Greek scholars also used to study with a bouquet of rosemary woven into their hair to help learners remember the material and stay focused.

Even today, herbalists (herbalists) use this plant as part of a formula to encourage memory and concentration.

Rosemary in general strengthens the nervous system and calms down, and helps deal with stressful and anxious situations. You can dry the rosemary and burn it as incense when we press, in addition you can drink it as an infusion and even just smell it as a plant or as an essential oil (do not apply the essential oil directly on the body!). The plant also encourages memory due to the fact that it pumps blood to the brain, it helps with attention and concentration problems, headaches and migraines (as part of a formula).


Rosemary also helps in the upper respiratory tract like sinusitis and also the lower respiratory system like cough which is accompanied by a lot of phlegm. You can inhale with the plant, cook a pot, wait for it to boil, cover the head with a towel and breathe in the steam.



The plant can also be used as a first aid for bad breath by gargling its infusion. It can be prepared the night before the infusion and the next morning for gargling. Also, being a disinfectant plant it will help us destroy the bacteria in the oral cavity.



Used externally, rosemary helps strengthen hair and soothe irritations such as redness and dandruff. You can fill a jar with rosemary and cover it with oil, if the goal is to strengthen the hair roots you can put argan oil, neem oil and olive oil. Or if you do not have argan oil and neem oil, the addition of just olive oil will also do the job. After filling the jar with oil and rosemary, make sure you get rid of all the bubbles that start to rise as you pour the oil over the plant. These are oxygen bubbles that cause the oil to rot and spoil faster. Fill the jar to the brim and close tightly. Try shaking the bottle twice a day for six weeks. After six weeks, squeeze the oil and start enjoying it by applying it on the scalp once or twice a week about half an hour before the overlap. You can also drip about 10 drops of rosemary essential oil directly into the shampoo and enjoy enriched shampoo.



After knowing the many benefits of rosemary, go out into the fields and pick it for the whole family.


with love,


The Kimaya team

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