A natural shampoo for strengthening the hair

A natural shampoo for strengthening the hair


shampoo  solid  natural  On  Base  vegetable  cure,  Oils  And butter  Feeds,  Vitamins  And minerals  The givers  You  The substrate  The ideal  For growth and strengthening  of  fiber  hypothesis.  


In shampoo  You will find  four  vegetable  cure:


nettle  The known  from this  In his ability  strengthen  You  The hair  And feed  You  The scalp.


Tulsi  or  In his name  The most  Familiar  basil/  basil  assistant  And supports  In condensation  hypothesis  And granting  volume.


thyme:  She  Disinfection  You  The scalp,  Antimicrobial  and thus  maid  Prevent  reasons  Common  of  Dilution  hypothesis.


mint:  Flows  blood  To the scalp  and thus  stimulating  fibrous  hair  New.


In addition  In shampoo  You will find  Combination  Wonderful  of  Oily  Organize,  Jojoba,  vitamin  E  And more  diverse  of  Component  Natural  The message  Give  Deep nourishment  To the scalp  And the hair.


The shampoo  with no  sls  And without  Farbanim

easy  And comfortable  For overlap  And replaces  C2  Bottles  shampoo.


Instructions  Usage:  there is  massage  You  The shampoo  On  Hair  And scalp  Wet  Until  For whipping.  


Instructions  storage:  after the  The overlap,  Let  You  The shampoo  For drying  On  soapbox  Perforated  instead of  dry.


***  You can  Order  You  The shampoo  With  or  without  The packaging  forever  green  More.

*** If you choose with the packaging, please note that the price will be updated.

About 70  gram


Ingredients: Sodium Cocoyl Isethionate, coco amido betaine, nettle powder, cocoa butter, tulsi powder, thymus powder, mint powder, rosemary infusion, castor oil, B5, argan oil, jojoba oil, lavender EO, pine EO, yalang yalang Eo, phenoxyethanol , ethylhexylglycerin 0.5%

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