Holistic Massage Candle - Lemon - Orange - Geranium

Holistic Massage Candle - Lemon - Orange - Geranium


Lemon Candle - Orange - Geranium: Raises the mood, evokes lightness and joy.


How to use:

You can turn it on, wait a few minutes for the compound to become oily and suitable for a pampering body massage.

When there is enough oil, take the desired amount or pour the liquid directly onto the desired body parts. Don’t worry, the oil does not reach a burning temperature, it will be just right.


You can choose to turn the candle off or leave on for a wonderful smell and romantic light.



The candles are made from pure shea butter, coconut oil, soy wax, grape seed oil and essential oils.

250 ml

* Natural * Vegan * palm oil free

* Handmade