The wonder around us - nettle

The wonder around us - nettle


In the winter season, the nettle grows around you, it is everywhere, under your house, in the yards of buildings, in open fields, in the corners

Hidden and simple everywhere. And only that tells how much this plant is full of qi (life energy) and survivability.

There are whole, ancient and contemporary cultures that use to whip with a nettle bouquet on the back for the purpose of increasing blood circulation, lowering inflammation and healing the body.  

But all this does not even begin to describe all his abilities.


Nettle is a food for everything, rich in all the B, C vitamins, minerals, iron and chlorophyll that contributes to cleansing the body.


In addition to being a multivitamin-mineral, it has a wide range of medical indications:

                                              - anti inflammatory

                                              - Purifies blood


                                              Restores mucosa

                                              Increases digestive and absorption processes

                                              - Increases blood flow to the periphery


                                              Gentle diuretic

                                              Stops bleeding  

                                              Gentle expectorant  

                                              - It is a medicinal plant, beneficial and abundant around us.

             Do not be afraid to pick it, its hairs grow in one direction, pay attention to the direction and pick with the direction of the thorn and even if you sting the burn

You will pass quickly to worry.

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What can be done with this wonderful plant?


1. While fresh it can be boiled for a whole day in cold water and then filtered and drink the water during the day to get all the vitamins and minerals.


2. Nettle bouquets can be made and dried to be used throughout the year. Make wreaths and hang them upside down until dry.


3. You can make a hot decoction, but note that many of the vitamins do not survive the heat. But with this method you will get the rest of its components.


4. Prepare nettle soup, hot and nutritious. Here is the recipe:


  - Remove the nettle leaves from the stem and pour boiling water over the remaining leaves.


Strain the nettle leaves from the water and set aside.


- Chop the onion and fry it in coconut oil.


- Add chopped leek onion and fry until the leeks look cooked.


- Add the nettle into the mixture and cover with 3 cups of vegetable stock.


- Add salt and pepper to taste.


- Cook for another 10 minutes and that's it! You have an amazing nettle soup.


Put the nettle in as part of your daily life, guaranteeing you a big thanksgiving from the body.



with love,


The Kimaya team

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