Thistle is common

Cleansing and rejuvenation 

Thistle plant - Silybum Marianum

The thistle plant is very common in Israel and the Middle East. Its seeds have been used for thousands of years to treat and support digestive problems, treat skin problems and various arthritis.

In Arab-Israeli cuisine, the leaves and stems have been eaten for generations.

In recent years, thistle has become a popular plant in the process of cleansing and cleansing the body of toxins, as well as proving its effectiveness in studies on the rehabilitation, cleansing and protection of the liver.

: The main features of the thistle

- Restores damaged liver tissue -

. Improves liver activity and its absorption processes  -  

.Increases production and bile secretions -

Reduces blood lipids -  

Anti-inflammatory .

Antioxidant -  

Protects against toxicity to liver tissue -

  Consumption of the thistle plant will improve the absorption of vitamins and minerals in the body and will help anemia patients with iron absorption.

  Thistle will also be perfect as part of the detoxification of the body, for people who suffer from excess lipids in the blood. Even while breastfeeding it will help in the secretion of milk, improve and support the digestive system. Thistle can also be used as part of a formula in the treatment of arthritis and chronic skin infections.

In addition, various studies have found that the substance found in thistle "Silmarin" helps prevent Alzheimer's disease and supports the prevention of brain diseases resulting from old age. This is because of the plant's strong ability to produce antioxidants, an action that protects the nerve structure in the brain.

Thistle is a wild plant and can be picked (carefully as it stings), chopped and added to salads. It can be picked and dried, ground to a powder and added to green smoothies. And of course you can purchase it in the form of a dietary supplement and enjoy the many benefits in it.

Green Juice Prep

Before use, pay attention to the warnings

Low sugar and tendency to low sugar -

- Excess stomach acidity and gastric ulcers (high dose) 

Devilish components in the plant may increase the enzymatic activity of the liver hence people taking drugs that are affected by enzymes of this system.


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