Herbal and mushroom soup 

 Strengthens us in winter 

Finally a little cool. The wind gives gentle caresses and the evening arrives much earlier.

This is a wonderful time to eat nutritious soups, hot stews, and of course how is it possible without delicious and pampering infusions.

So in honor of the winter that is showing its signs, we bring you a recipe of herbal soup combined with medicinal mushrooms.

One of the reasons we tend to get sicker in the winter is that viruses survive better at low temperatures . It is therefore recommended to strengthen the body and nourish it with strengthening and warming foods

The ingredients you will need:

מרק שיטאקי.jpg2.jpg

2 packs of shiitake mushrooms
Shiitake is a medicinal mushroom that has been known to be used for thousands of years in culinary and cures mainly in Japan and China. Shiitake is known to be anti-viral and anti-bacterial. It activates and stimulates the immune system, and in addition to all that - it is also delicious!

Small ginger root 
It is not by chance that this wonderful root is so familiar and well known. Ginger warms, helps prevent "cold" diseases such as flu and colds, improves digestion and helps with abdominal pain.

Half a pack of Wakma seaweed
Wakama algae has a high nutritional value expressed in richness in minerals, high percentage of protein, dietary fiber, vitamins, or in short can simply be crowned as a natural multivitamin. Cheers.

Astragalus root 
Astragalus is a root that comes to us from China, excellent for strengthening the respiratory system and immune system. It is antiviral, helps digestion and is even excellent for physical or mental exhaustion.

1 lime or lemon
Lemon really gives a lot. It balances the PH in the body, helps in the body cleansing processes, improves the digestive processes and these are just some of its health benefits.

Spinach package
It was not for nothing that spinach was Popeye's flagship dish! Spinach is rich in vitamins and minerals, and rich in chlorophyll (the green pigment in the plant) which contributes to the body's cleansing processes.

5 cloves of garlic
Garlic is considered a natural antibiotic because it has anti-bacterial activity. It is excellent for winter diseases like sinusitis, flu, bronchitis and the like.

2 medium onions or one large
Excellent disinfectant, expels phlegm and helps strengthen the immune system.

1 pack soba noodles
Soba noodles are actually made from buckwheat. They are gluten-free and high in protein. In addition to their nutritional value, they will also contribute to the feeling of satiety and fullness that we would be happy to receive from the soup.

מרק שיטאקי.jpg


1. Fry the onion until it becomes translucent.

2. Add the washed spinach and fry together with the onion.

3. Rinse the shiitake mushrooms, cut coarsely and add to the mixture as well.

4 . While our mixture is frying, we will cook the astragalus root in a separate small pot. prophet  Bring to a boil and leave on low heat for about 20 minutes. Strain the root and add to the soup mixture.

5. Scrape the ginger root into the mixture.

6. Squeeze the lime / lemon.

7. Cover the mixture with water.

8. In a separate pot, cook the soba noodles. It is important not to overcook the noodles. No more than 5-7 min.  After the noodles are ready, it is recommended to put them in a separate box and not in the soup itself and add to the dish each time.

9. Add the garlic and seaweed right towards the end of cooking.

And here is our medicinal soup ready!

Feel free to share with us how it came out for you. The soup is suitable for the whole family and children love it too.


hot Winter,


The Kimaya team