Lavender - the king of oils

long live the king

Lavender - the king of oils

Lavender essential oil is considered the king of essential oils for several reasons:

1. It is the only essential oil that can be used directly on the body (without diluting it with carrier oil or water) !!!

2. It is an oil that works on all body systems.

3. It is a safe oil also used in children and pregnant women (pregnant women - after the first trimester).

4. Essential oil can also be dripped on an open wound.

The above four facts certainly give lavender oil the title of "king of oils".

The oil works wonderfully on the skin system: it is anti-infective, anti-inflammatory, stops bleeding and heals tissues. Therefore will be good in case of burns, cuts, wounds and the like. One of the marvelous stories about the oil was told by Rene Gattefosse who was severely extinguished in his hand while working and treated himself with lavender which did wonders, regenerated the tissues quickly and his hand even remained without scars.

* Using a burn or open wound, drip a few drops on the affected area several times a day.

In addition to the oily skin system works wonderfully on the nervous system: it is soothing, induces sleep, good for insomnia, excellent for stress and anxiety conditions accompanied by an accelerated pulse.

* You can drip 3 drops on the pillow before bed.

* In a state of tension and anxiety you can open the bottle and smell it directly.

Hair: The oil helps fight and prevent lice, helps thicken hair and regrow it.

* Add 5 drops of lavender to your shampoo.

* Water-based books can be prepared to prevent lice. For example: on 100 ml of water add 10 drops of lavender and spray on the children when leaving the house for kindergarten and school.

Respiratory system: The oil is good against congestion and phlegm, colds, sinusitis, shortness of breath and systemic infections.

* You can drip 5 drops in the burner.

Digestive system: will help in cases of abdominal pain and gas.

* Take a tablespoon of almond oil or olive oil, add 5 drops of lavender and massage the abdomen clockwise.

The oil generally strengthens, it encourages the immune system by producing white blood cells.

Many people call this oil "first aid oil" and rightly so. We recommend keeping one vial in a bag and one at home and using it when needed.

When choosing your lavender oil note that you are choosing a good company, that the oil is not mixed and without added perfume.

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