Our Story

From Dream to Reality

Misty Mountains

Kimaya was born out of a vision to provide a healthy alternative to daily grooming for both humans and nature.


We use grooming products everyday of our lives and, our skin absorbs the ingredients of the products we choose to use. At Kimaya, we produce cosmetics without harmful chemicals, pesticides or anything else.


During our production process we pride in picking non nature-harming and no animal testing products. You will see that most (almost all) of our packaging is plastic-free.

And… We do not use palm oil or any other component that contaminates the wastewater.


We pride in producing environmentally friendly and healthy products with active and good ingredients.


Awareness is constantly expanding and we are shifting along with it with our goal being to bring you the highest quality, clean and eco friendly products.


We are constantly working on new lines and we are excited to share that we will soon have more skin care products available!


We would love for you to follow us and share your knowledge, requests, enlightenments and everything in between.


With Love,


The Kimaya Team