The three secrets to healthy skin and body

Invest in yourself

Skin care comes from within even more  on the outside.

Our skin nourishes like all other parts of our body the kind of foods we eat. If we eat a lot of fatty foods it will most likely be noticeable on our skin, if we do not drink water, no matter how many creams women our skin will still be dry. So what are the three foods that are important for our skin and our health?


The top of the top is, she, they are the water

Yes how simple is that necessary. Take a bottle of water with you everywhere (and hey try not to make it plastic!)  The skin "drinks" 20% of the amount of water the body receives and a shortage of water is noticeable immediately. It becomes drier, more sagging and dull.

Water constitutes about 60% of our bodies (by the way, it is an amazing fact that this is how the earth is built from 60% water). And most of us do not drink enough which creates a "chronic dehydration" - not one that faints from it but one that causes all our organs to work not in their most vital way and so does the appearance of the skin.

Try drinking 2 liters every day for a month and document the change in your skin.

Glasses of Water

Berries / greens / nuts / vegetables / fruits - the excellent antioxidants

It is impossible to prevent the oxidation process that takes place in our bodies but it is certainly possible to minimize it by eating foods rich in antioxidants.

Try to eat antioxidant foods at least two a day. Here are some ideas:

Coriander, blueberries, goji berries, pecans, pomegranates, cocoa, broccoli, green tea, tomatoes, strawberries, cranberries, oranges, kiwis, wheatgrass, red grapes and much more.


Essential fatty acids

They are called essential because our body cannot produce them, so we need them from the outside.

These fatty acids are not only responsible for our skin but also for our mood, concentration, thinking, cell padding, balancing cholesterol levels, balancing inflammation, strengthening heart muscle and more. You've probably heard of "Omega 3" essential fatty acid but it's not the only one that exists. We have the fatty acid "gal", omega 9 and more.

You can enjoy these fatty acids in the oils you consume like flaxseed oil, hemp oil, olive oil, chia oil, walnuts.


Try my morning drink:

A glass of water + wheatgrass or any of the above list, 5 pecans + berries + a tablespoon of chia seeds + a tablespoon of hemp oil (it is especially delicious and nutty)  + Banana mixes in a blender and fills with energies for the rest of the day.




Green Shake