What is Essential Oils?

Natural scent 

Essential oils

It is a liquid found in granules within the plant naturally.  

The same liquid gives the plant its specific smell and taste. The liquid is produced from the various parts of the plant:

Flowers, stems, leaves and roots by steam distillation but not only.

Essential oils penetrate the body in several ways:

Through the sense of smell,

Through the skin

And ingestion.

Treatment with essential oils is called:

Aromatherapy .

Stone Mortar and Pestle

There are "odor receptor" cells in the nasal tissue and when we smell, molecules enter our nose and disperse on the olfactory mucosa on which there are about 5 million odor receptors. Once the receptors pick up the molecules they transfer the information to the olfactory bulb which is an extension of the brain and its job is to decipher the information. It then sends signals to areas in the brain called the cortex and limber system.


After they receive the signal they release hormones and chemicals of various kinds, as you probably know every hormone and chemical secreted from the brain affects another area in the body, so if you smell the food the neighbor cooks you will probably feel hungry, or if a rose reminds you of romance you will be filled with thoughts of love.



Aromatherapy does affect our bodies, minds, thoughts and emotions.



Smell can encourage health but also produce sickness. Most of us have no choice and we have to breathe the air pollution, sometimes our place of residence is close to factories that emit waste, cars, buses, etc .. All this is inevitable but our decision can be clear and unequivocal about our care products and cleaning that will be clean of synthetic odors and chemicals Our system. Because with our awareness today there really is no need.




Essential oils can be used by sniffing,  If you want to apply essential oils on the body, it is mandatory to dilute them in carrier oil (olive oil, almonds, coconut, grape seeds ...). Note that not all oils are suitable for babies and children and the dosages vary. In addition there are photosensitive oils which increase the skin's sensitivity to the sun.



There are lots of essential oils and their use requires caution and consultation with a professional.



Attached is a great and recommended video on the subject.


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post Scriptum. There is a great and recommended book called "Smell, Spirit and What's Between" by Etty Bracha


This is an enriching book and will give you all the knowledge you want about the use and caution of essential oils.



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