Detoxification / Detox, why how and when?

 Rejuvenation time 

Spring period, is the best time to detox!  Period of cleansing, renewal, Passover - this is the right time for internal and external cleansing.

Just as we nurture our home and our skin on a daily basis, so proper care of the body, begins from within.

Our skin is affected by what we eat, and at every meal we have the opportunity to nourish our bodies in health. Our internal organs need nourishment and "care", they also get tired, age and function less well when not nurtured.

Every day we are exposed to the amount of toxins that are transferred to us from food, from the air, from radiation, and also from medicines.

Toxins also form inside our bodies naturally: metabolic wastes, free radicals, dead cells, stress, negative thoughts, and toxins from pathogens that create inflammation of internal microorganisms.

Toxic accumulation weighs heavily on the body systems, metabolism, our energy and throws us off balance.

When our body systems are full of toxins, the immune system also weakens, so we become sick more often.

Our body works naturally to maintain balance and its cleansing systems are essential for this, but due to poor nutrition, lack of exercise and living with high stress, our waste disposal systems work harder and are not enough to clean both the toxins our body produces and our poor nutrition. .

Therefore, it is very important from time to time to give our drainage systems "quiet" and reduce the load of toxins that we inject into ourselves so that the systems can reach deeper cleaning. Normal bowels will absorb more toxins.

Some of the symptoms of a toxin-laden system are: fatigue, bloating, intense craving for sweets, unstable stools with a pungent odor, skin problems and generally less good feeling.

"About 2700 different food supplements are introduced into our foods" (from the book "Health Renewal" according to the foundations of Dr. Ann Wigmore by Dr. Pnina Bar-Sela, page 39) Some of these toxins / toxins our bodies absorb, and What not, it is eliminated by unnecessary activation of the liver and kidneys.


Most of the Western diet is from cooked foods. When we cook food, we destroy the many enzymes, vitamins and minerals it contains, which take an important part in a proper digestive system and natural detoxification.

The enzymes are involved in every chemical process in the body, such as digestion of food, a normal immune system, breakdown of waste materials, for men - quality semen, etc.  

The processed foods (white wheat, white sugar, preserves, sugary drinks, etc.) that have penetrated the market have also created a shortage of vitamins in the human body, as the consumption of rich / natural foods rich in them has been greatly reduced.

Minerals are very important to our bodies and participate in a considerable part of the body's processes, such as activating muscles, building bones and teeth. A large part of the enzyme structure is made of minerals, and they maintain a proper balance of acidity - alkalinity and more.  

The minerals are not formed in the body of the plant or in animals, but are formed in the soil, so the quality of the soil is very important. The plants and the soil are in a reciprocal relationship, the plant absorbs the minerals from the soil and when it withers, it returns the "compost" to the soil and thus enriches the soil back. Chemical fertilizer does not contain all the variety of minerals that a person needs, so the plant is also "weakened" and available to various pests, which increases the amount of sprays and pesticides.

In our age there is a concept called "malnutrition on a full stomach". An experiment they did on mice that ate only white rice proved this, direction

That at the end of the experiment all the mice died. They were seventy but received no nutritional value.

As mentioned above our waste disposal systems work excessively and instead of cleansing the body of "natural" toxins the body deals with extinguishing fires, maintaining the homeostasis (balance) of the body and not enough to clean the less "significant" things, the purpose of cleansing is to give the body rest himself  The time in evacuating "all" the toxins that it usually fails to contain.

So if you've decided it's time to detox, here's our recommendations:

You should avoid

Empty carbohydrates, animal products (milk, meat), sugar, honey, sesame seeds, sugary drinks, cans, fermented foods, yeast, purchased salads (chickpeas, cabbage salad, tahini ...), wheat, coffee, alcohol.

You can use our "detox" infusion, which supports body cleansing processes by herbs that cleanse the liver, kidneys, lymph, and help in better absorption of the digestive system, but this is really not mandatory, enough that you avoid the above foods and feel a huge difference.

To read more about our detox infusion click here

Possible side effects

It is important to take into account that at the beginning of the cleansing you are likely to feel weakness, increased fatigue and in general poor condition, these symptoms will go away within a few days.

For a sample menu for detoxification - write us an email and we will be happy to send it to you!


* People taking medication should consult a doctor before starting the process.

* The recommendations in this article do not replace the recommendation of a doctor or therapist.


With love the Kimaya team


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