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In organic production, wild plants grow away from roads and sprayed areas.

Medicinal plants that are imported from abroad are approved and monitored by international inspection organizations.


Collection of medicinal plants from wild areas is carried out with the utmost consideration and respect of the life cycle of the plants, of the regeneration capacity of the vegetation under natural growing conditions and of the bird and animal environments. In responsible harvesting, we must be careful about the significant impact on the natural vegetation in the area, beware of the existing balance breach. The principles of sustainable harvesting have been set in a new standard adopted by environmental organizations in Europe.


We've created three blends of infusions for you:


Our "Detox" infusion: This caffeine free infusion consists of five herbs. Each element supports a different system: lymphatic, liver, kidneys and blood. In addition, it provides nutrients to the body and helps with better absorption in the digestive system.


Usage recommendation: Drink between one and three cups a day, don’t worry, there is no caffeine.


Our “Sunrise” infusion - The plants in this brew are considered SUPERFOODS and are rich in essential components that will give your body deep nutrition and energy throughout the day.


In the brew you will find the growing Moringa plant in the Himalayas, which is full of vitamins and minerals, Guji Berry - which is an antioxidant rich Chinese forest fruit, and of course Japan's most popular "Sanche" green tea, which will give you vigor and alertness.


Use recommendation: Drink twice a day, in the morning and at noon.


Our "Moon Light" infusion - a unique blend designed to soothe the nervous system, and help you take a breath, relax and get into the evening mood.


Stress is part of our life, so we made a decision to help the nervous system and help you slow down the pace with this moonlight blend.


Use recommendation: Drink this brew to unwind in the afternoon and evening.


* This product is a food or raw material from the food industry/dietary supplement/cosmetics, and is not a cure.


* Consult with a physician or therapist before using the infusions