Ashwagandha / Vitanya intoxicates withania somnfera

 Healing root - strengthening and uplifting

Stress is a part of our lives without a doubt, but there are times when it is really noticeable and its effect on our bodies is long term. Stress hormones secrete cortisol in the body and is no less dangerous than cholesterol.

That is why it is important that you get to know an important medicinal plant - Ashwagandha.

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Its name means "the smell of the horse's sweat" and thus it implies that Ashwagandha gives strength and whoever uses it is filled with vitality and animals like the horse.

So who is Ashwagandha? what is she doing? And how does it contribute to us?

Part of the plant used internally: root only.

Its main uses in natural medicine today:

- Helps the body cope with stressful situations, and helps in adapting to changes.

- Helps prevent "insomnia" (insomnia).

- Helps the body recover from physical and mental traumas, such as surgeries, accidents, etc ..

- It regulates the immune system, and thus can contribute to those who suffer from autoimmune diseases and those who face a low immune system.

- It increases sperm count in men and increases fertility in women.

- She's an aphrodisiac  (Sexually arousing).

-It is nutritious and full of vitamins and minerals, especially iron and thus can help everyone keep healthy and people suffering from anemia in particular.

In conclusion:

Ashwagandha can help people suffering from persistent stress, difficulty sleeping, generalized anxiety, chronic fatigue and nutritional deficiencies.  It regulates adrenal activity, provides energy and strength, aids concentration and memory and balances hormones.

In what products can it be found?

Ashwagandha powder: which is actually ground root and thus add it to cold or hot drinks.

Ashwagandha Pills: This is a convenient way to use and instructions are outlined on the package.

Ashwagandha tincture: Alcoholic extract of the plant, drizzle a number of sprinkles recommended in a glass of water and drink.

- Ashwagandha root: Cook in finjan until boiling and then on low heat for 20 minutes.

Introduce the root of Ashwagandha into your life for a higher quality of life.

with love,

The Kimaya team.

This information does not constitute a medical indication and / or a substitute for any other medical / pharmacological treatment.

In any medical question the user should consult the attending physician or herbalist.

People taking prescription drugs, pregnant women, lactating women and children should consult a qualified therapist.

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