Our Story

My name is Eva Axelrod and I am a certified naturopath and herbalist.

I studied at Clover College and went on to many more enrichment and deepening courses.

I treat at a clinic in the center of Tel Aviv, where I receive clients for diagnosis and treatment with the help of nutrition and herbs in a variety of "problems" and treat contact - deep tissue.

I founded the ecological and natural brand  

Kimaya - Natural Care

When it all started basically from brewing soaps at home.

I brewed hundreds of soaps and other preparations, on the way I failed, I threw away full of raw ingredients until I got results I liked. But mostly I was addicted to the magic of natural pharmacy, I fell in love with scents, in the combination of substances when each percentage or component completely changes the result and the hunger to learn more and to make more medicine exists in me all the time.

I feel this is ancient, nostalgic knowledge and for us for our grandmothers it was a basic knowledge - "Grandma's medicine" and we can all concoct

For us and our families, high-quality, healthy and beneficial care products.

This is my passion and I am happy to pass this knowledge on.

At the door are more workshops that are brewed for you and in the meantime you are invited to a magic workshop of brewing solid soap.

Feel free to follow me on the Facebook and Instagram page and stay updated for upcoming courses and workshops.

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