PMS- Relieving menstrual pain and

Feminine collective experiences

There are  Experiences  Feminine collectivism only  We can  to understand  And identify with them as the  PMS (premenstrual syndrome) and menstrual days  .


The sensitivity  Rising,  The breasts  Filling up,  The stomach  Pulls down  And asks  Attention  heart.  

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We gathered  In the article  this  tips  Who can  facilitate  On you with  The body of emotional and physical pain. The expression of menstruation may not go away, but it is certainly possible to minimize the pain and give us more strength to bear it.


Michaela Efroni - a nutrition and natural health consultant and therapist in Chinese medicine, says: Pain during menstruation and PMS have a direct connection to the blood condition.

Non-toxic blood , in which the amount of fat is not too high, will usually lead to easy and relaxed menstruation.

Blood saturated with toxins will make menstruation difficult and accompanied by pain may also with massive bleeding (so the body tries to get rid of toxins).

Chronic constipation - can greatly affect menstrual pain, lack of removal of waste from the body causes toxins to return to the bloodstream through the intestine.

Thyroid  - can greatly affect the cycle. It is advisable to check the hormone levels by a simple blood test (between the 2-5th day of menstruation).


Painted Heart

Proper nutrition and lifestyle can miraculously improve the state of hormones.

What can relieve the pain?

The natural diet is full of fiber that absorbs toxins and helps the blood to cleanse and flow easily.

Sweet, juicy, fresh fruits, vegetables and delicate green leaves can help the body clear toxins very effectively.  

It is recommended to finish the meal as early as possible in the day so that the body can be free to detoxify and not be busy digesting.

Low fat / refined diet  - Many studies have shown a link between saturated blood in fat and menstrual cramps.

An unbalanced ratio of fatty acid, omega 3 and 6 intake can lead to increased production of prostoglandins which are associated with an increase in the level of inflammation in the body and over-contraction of muscles.

Therefore, a balanced intake of omega 3 and 6  During menstruation you will reduce cramps and pain and allow maximum cleansing.

Example: more chia seeds and hemp seeds (omega 3) and less tahini and other nuts (omega 6).

Animal proteins especially dairy products, which contain a high amount of estrogen also affect menstrual pain.

Magnesium - Eating bananas, for example, will affect uterine relaxation and help improve mood in PMS.

Breathing - helps with relaxation and can greatly relieve pain.

Exercise and regular massages can also improve blood circulation.

Cool showers - can help with blood circulation and move the heat from the inside out.                           



Another important thing  - It is highly recommended to avoid tight clothing, during the month and during menstruation in particular.

Beyond the fact that a tight garment stops the blood and prevents it from flowing, it also prevents the skin from breathing and clearing out debris.


Efrat Golan - a yoga teacher, prepared a wonderful yoga class for us that will help us be present and say goodbye to the pain.

Efrat emphasizes that regular practice of yoga as a way of life benefits us. Feel free to use this lesson whenever you need to.


The Kimaya team has therefore prepared a number of simple homemade recipes to prepare.

The first recipe consists of a mixture of oils that can be applied to tense and painful areas such as the lower back, lower abdomen. You can just smell the mixture, and the essential oils will already do the job.


Fill a 100 ml bottle with grape seed / almond / olive oil or any vegetable oil  Other at your disposal.

Add the following oils to it:

5 drops of rosemary - relieves menstrual pain by stimulation and strengthening.

5 drops of cedar - soothing, strengthens confidence. Be "strong as a cedar"!

5 drops of lavender - a painkiller for migraines and / or headaches, an excellent antispasmodic.

5 drops of jasmine - helps soothe cramps.

5 drops of frankincense - a meditative, soothing and bitter oil.

5 drops of geranium - helps balance.

5 drops of cypress - helps to reduce the swelling typical of menstruation and PMS, soothing and uplifting.

5 drops of sage - helps with rising body temperature, soothes the mind and muscle aches.

Shake the bottle and massage the desired areas.


Another wonderful thing  Which helps with pelvic spasms and can be used -

Achilea plant A thousand leaves, for those who have a bath, you can fill with water, lie down and scatter the plant around you.

Please note - this mixture is not recommended for pregnant or lactating women.

The recommendations in this article are not intended to prevent or replace a medical recommendation.

If there are any medical problems it is advisable to consult a qualified therapist before using these recommendations.

People taking pills Please consult a physician before using these recommendations.

We decided to add a wonderful quote by writer Eckhart Tula from the book “The Power of This Moment” which talks about the female pain body.

(Pp. 132-133): "Every woman has a part in what can be described as the body of the collective female pain ... This body contains the cumulative pain that the women suffered, because of the abuse, because of slavery, exploitation, rape, childbirth, loss of babies and more, during thousands of years. The emotional or physical pain that precedes and accompanies menstruation is the body of pain in its collective aspect that arises at this time of its coma, although it can also arise at other times ... Many times the body of pain "takes over" the woman during this period ... you are actively controlled then By an energetic field that fills your inner space and pretends to give - but of course it does not give at all. He speaks through you, hurt through you, thinks through you. It creates negative situations in your life so that it can continue to be nourished by their energy ... This is pure pain, past sex pain - and it will not give ...

The first thing to remember is that as long as you create an identity for yourself from the pain, you can not free yourself from it. The body of pain is a field of energy, a kind of real entity, temporarily settled in your inner space ... .. ".

That we will have a slight menstruation and we will be able to identify less with the pain.


with love,

The Kimaya team.